Current and past lab groups

  • Member of Temasek Labs at SUTD
    TL@SUTD undertakes cutting-edge research and development while building up both technical and human talent capabilities in vital fields. The current focus is on areas of defence system design and development, such as Unmanned Systems, Information Systems, Soldier Systems and Engineering Systems.
  • Member of Robotics Innovation Lab at SUTD
    The Robotics Innovation Laboratory (RIL) founded in 2013 is a multi-disciplinary research lab at Singapore University of Technology and Design. Its current research thrust focuses on robotics innovation in defence, manufacturing and medical. Major research activities include bio-inspiried articulated system design, UGV, UAV, industrial robotics, assistive and rehabilitative robotics, wearable sensing system, and high performance actuators design. [top page]
  • Member of Articulated Systems and Biomechanics Group at SUTD
    In Articulated Systems and Biomechanics Group at SUTD, we seek to advance the science of mechanisms and robotics and to apply such advancements in the design of innovative devices for improving quality of life. [top page]
  • Member of Groupe d’Acoustique de l’Université de Sherbrooke
    In GAUS, we are expertise in:
    o Vibroacoustics: develop vibroacoustic modelling tools with the aim to minimize noise radiation and transmission from structures, such as fuselage or car chassis
    o Acoustic materials: develop models and experimental techniques to characterize the acoustic performance of sound absorbing materials
    o Active control: develop and implement active approaches for noise control, consisting in superimposing over a disturbing field a secondary field to create silence.
    o Ultrasound: develop and implement ultrasound inspection methods for Non-Destructive Testing, Structural Health Monitoring and medical imaging
    o Wave field synthesis and sound quality: implement techniques to characterize and modify the perception of acoustic and vibration fields with the goal to improve the comfort
    o Imaging: develop and implement imaging techniques to characterize acoustic sources or ultrasound reflectors.
  • Member of Microengineering Laboratory for MEMS at Université de Sherbrooke
    Our research activities leverage the benefits of microfabrication and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology to implement novel miniature sensors, actuators, and integrated microsystems.
  • Member of Actuation and sensors group at GeePs
    The group includes activities related to the electromechanical conversion (magnetic and piezoelectric).
  • Member of Group ‘’Comportement Multiphysique des Matériaux’’ at GeePs
    The Group’s principal activities are:
    o The development of homogenizing tools for the definition of the magnetic behavior of composite materials
    o Multi-scale modeling and experimental characterization of magneto-mechanical behavior
    o The modeling of multi-ferroic materials (magneto-electric composites)
    o The modeling of temperature effects in electromagnetic devices
    o The development of piezoelectric actuators
  • Member of Group ” Automatique, Commande, Mécatronique’’ at Ampère Lab

    Development of methodological tools for design, analysis and control of complex dynamic systems. Applications to mechatronic systems.